Roof Ventilation

Keeping Cool In Summer With ROOF BREEZER­­™

Heat is essentially expanding air that disperses throughout the loft and rises towards the apex, where it gets trapped. In the late morning hours the heat also warms up the ceiling by permeating through its material which is slowed down when the ceiling is insulated.

   A simple ´touch test´ of your ceiling board at different times throughout the day can verify the heat transfer and the need for heat pressure release. For that purpose, turbines were a popular choice, but more so for industrial applications where also huge static air vents can be seen on factories roofs.

  For residential homes, turbines are mostly unsightly and have moving parts which can give trouble. For houses with no ceiling insulation, static air vents are the best solution. If roofs, especially metal roofs, were not fitted with a radiant barrier or insulation in the first place, one can have air vents installed as a ‘first line of defense’ against heat. They also protect metal roofs from corrosion through water condensation underneath the metal sheets.

   A further important aspect is the loft volume. A higher pitched roof is easier to regulate than a flat metal roof, which tends to radiate heat quickly. Attic rooms have minimal volume between roof and ceiling and tend to get hot even with sufficient insulation. In cases like these thick styropor products will get best results (min. 40mm on the North side) with one or two ROOF BREEZERS. Matting tends to slide down over time.

 The South African market for loft heat regulation is not sophisticated and very expensive products would have a very limited market. However, with the Greenhouse Effect becoming more of an issue, a universal, simple solution like our ROOF BREEZER will be popular to release heat pressure.


Effectiveness:  Large intake in the middle, same release area on either side for the wind  to breeze over, next and under the barrel shaped dome. This ensures a  suction action as hot air presses from below and gets drawn away by our  Roof Breezer. The advantage of vents positioned close to the apex is the self-regulation through the release of pressure created by hot air.

Unique design:  The air-flow openings are quite large and are the same from the loft, the  same where heat passes under either side of the dome and finally when air flows horizontally under the dome left and right  with sufficient vertical distance. That is why the barrel dome cannot be lowered any deeper.

Durability:  The fibreglass with gel-lack coating can withstand permanently 95°C. and for our Mirrortubes we use special fibreglass moulds for 24 years already.

 As an additional measure, a soffit vent could be fitted under your eaves if there is sufficient space (older houses), even a small rectangular grill will do. These vents create a better upward draft for cooler air to be sucked into the loft. Air conditioners should always be the last resort for regulating temperature and are often not necessary.

 Winter Effect

Air vents of any kind won´t affect your indoor climate during winter, but will continue to provide benefits such as removing humidity and unwanted smells from bathrooms where extractor fans release this air into the void and from there through the ROOF BREEZER.

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Who We Are

We were the 1st Business to install Tubular Skylights in Cape Town when we started the company in 1994 and we still offer the Best Price / Quality Ratio in the Cape.

German Technology

We are the only manufacturer in Cape Town using Mirrortube® Solar Lights German Technology and our own locally injection moulded Ceiling Fittings

No Leaks or Rust

23 Years experience and we only install our own superior fibreglass adapters designed for aesthetic appeal to prevent roof leaks and rust on your roof.


Deon van Zyl

My wife and I wish to state , how happy we are with the professional installation , service and the amazing difference the product has made in the rooms. We will definitely recommend you to others as well.

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Deon van Zyl

Aldo Cilliers

Right from the first moment I phoned their company I was impressed with the professional way I was treated as a customer on the phone by Trevor who received my call.

The appointment was set for Monday morning at 08:00. At exactly 08:00 their van stopped in front of my home. The two young gentlemen that got out was polite and without any waste of time immediately started with their job. All the questions that I asked were answered professionally and politely.  I could see that they knew exactly what they were doing, and in a very short time both skylights were fitted and I was amazed at the precision with which they did the task, and even more impressed with the absolute massive difference that these skylights brought to my home.

This is a company and a product that I can recommend to anyone who has a room where natural light is not a given. I can also highly recommend the personnel of Lighthouse Skylights for quick, efficient and brilliant service. Their team of installers are very skilled and well trained. They even cleaned up after themselves and left me with only amazement of a job well done.

Feel free to call them for quick and professional service.

Sadick R. Pinelands

Lighthouse Skylights did a really good job.  Not only was their service good, but the skylight makes a huge difference in the bathroom and I am very satisfied with the product.

L.W. Van Riebeeckshof

” Your guys did a great job today…efficient, friendly. We are thrilled with the skylight and are both glad that we followed your advice and put it in the kitchen. Haven’t needed to turn on the lights the whole day! Many many thanks indeed.”

C.A. Pinelands

“Your installers were quick and efficient.”