Our Trademark

Our trademark ‘a bit of sun inside’ explained

All people on earth are aware that living conditions are getting more difficult due to over-population, financial constraints and global warming. All 3 factors compel us to spend more time at home. Therefore we think about how to improve our ‘Indoor Atmosphere’.

One of the major components is light, besides space, design, plants etc. An American professor lady researched years ago that gloomy conditions in our home can contribute more than a third to the overall depressions many of us suffer to a certain degree.

It is important to acknowledge that we are ‘primed’ as ancient cave dwellers to endure ‘horizontal glare-light’ from the cave opening which became for modern man the window. The glare is often intensified through the windows when the sun bounces light back from neighbours’ walls or any light surface such as white cement fences which can be irritating. Larger homes have to deal with shade from bushes and trees which make the indoor atmosphere cooler but also gloomy.

Being 22 years in the industry to bring light into homes, I noticed that the decision to get ‘a bit of sun inside’ is made later in life when an impulse of frustration suddenly ignites that eureka effect, i.e. to recognise what the solution is to feel more cozy at home.

Tubular Skylights since 1994

Skylights, bringing vertical light from the top, come in many shapes and sizes:

Large ones being glass or acrylic structures in shape of e.g. flat, pyramid, barrel vault etc. and small ones which are either ‘boxed up’ as fixed or roof windows and then, of course, the ever popular tubular skylights which I started in Cape Town in late 1994. They are roughly a third of the cost of square skylights of a similar light dispersion and have the benefit of very little heat gain or loss.

Price : Quality

Most skylight installation services also manufacture their own types and some use agents for installations which we don’t do as we only serve the greater Cape Town area. This way we can concentrate more on quality and service to the local market and our main competitiveness lies in the price/quality ratio. Because we consider our product special, MIRRORTUBE® became a registered trademark of Lighthouse Skylights.

Every company likes to stress their benefits, but if their quality is poor, they only compete via price alone. At the high end one can find an imported product at more than double the price where their glass diffusers are given exotic names to warrant such a price. We claim to have attained the best balance of a low price with high quality, long guarantee and best aesthetic looks.

The buying decision

This is for any consumer a difficult one, as the search can become a ‘time toilet’ and tubular skylight companies tend to either glorify themselves respective their personal achievements or numbers sold. We believe that one has to allay fears of potential clients with true information and honesty to trust our statement. For further questions just call us which is the best option to get instant answers or email us.

Get free light with a bit of sun inside

Who We Are

We were the 1st Business to install Tubular Skylights in Cape Town when we started the company in 1994 and we still offer the Best Price / Quality Ratio in the Cape.

German Technology

We are the only manufacturer in Cape Town using Mirrortube® Solar Lights German Technology and our own locally injection moulded Ceiling Fittings

No Leaks or Rust

23 Years experience and we only install our own superior fibreglass adapters designed for aesthetic appeal to prevent roof leaks and rust on your roof.


Deon van Zyl

My wife and I wish to state , how happy we are with the professional installation , service and the amazing difference the product has made in the rooms. We will definitely recommend you to others as well.

Kind Regards
Deon van Zyl

Aldo Cilliers

Right from the first moment I phoned their company I was impressed with the professional way I was treated as a customer on the phone by Trevor who received my call.

The appointment was set for Monday morning at 08:00. At exactly 08:00 their van stopped in front of my home. The two young gentlemen that got out was polite and without any waste of time immediately started with their job. All the questions that I asked were answered professionally and politely.  I could see that they knew exactly what they were doing, and in a very short time both skylights were fitted and I was amazed at the precision with which they did the task, and even more impressed with the absolute massive difference that these skylights brought to my home.

This is a company and a product that I can recommend to anyone who has a room where natural light is not a given. I can also highly recommend the personnel of Lighthouse Skylights for quick, efficient and brilliant service. Their team of installers are very skilled and well trained. They even cleaned up after themselves and left me with only amazement of a job well done.

Feel free to call them for quick and professional service.

Sadick R. Pinelands

Lighthouse Skylights did a really good job.  Not only was their service good, but the skylight makes a huge difference in the bathroom and I am very satisfied with the product.

L.W. Van Riebeeckshof

” Your guys did a great job today…efficient, friendly. We are thrilled with the skylight and are both glad that we followed your advice and put it in the kitchen. Haven’t needed to turn on the lights the whole day! Many many thanks indeed.”

C.A. Pinelands

“Your installers were quick and efficient.”