Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our skylights or service, you will most likely find it below.

Why Choose Lighthouse Skylights

Why do I need more light in the house?
Research highlights that a dull and gloomy indoor atmosphere contributes to over a third of all types of depression. Natural indoor light acts like anti-depressant without any unwanted side effects. It also reduces horizontal glare that comes in through windows.
What are the benefits of this source of natural light?
Electricity costs are increasing rapidly. The longer you wait to install energy-saving measures, the longer the set-off period for these savings will be. Skylights provide a full spectrum of natural lights in doors and allows you to grow indoor plants.
What is the average price range?
We have a graded price structure which depends on model and the distance between your roof and ceiling. Order two or more skylights and qualify for a discount.
How does your price relate to quality?

In terms of functionality, aesthetic appeal, ease of use and quality of installation it is almost impossible to beat our quality to price ratio in the greater Cape Town area.

What does your guarantee entail?
We offer a 20-year guarantee on leaks and against rust as well as on material and components as far as reasonable requests can be satisfied. Call-out fees are only charged where third party damage (e.g. by builders) is involved.
Are these skylights suitable for any roof?
Yes, it is suitable for all types of tile, metal and asbestos/fibre-cement roofs. There might be limitations with very high pitched roofs where the distance between ceiling and roof exceeds 3.5m. If you have concerns, please inform us and we will be happy to advise you.
How long does a typical installation take?
Due to the modern design of our product the average installation will take a mere 1-2 hours. It may take longer if we encounter delays like interference from other building activities or need to do minor adaptations. If there are no obstructions (pipes, beams, planks or stored items) in the way, it could potentially take just over one hour.
How long would I have to wait for a booking?
We would ideally schedule your installation within a day or two and/or within the same week of receiving your request. Alternatively, request a day suitable for you one week in advance.
Does the skylight conduct heat?
The perception of heat is subjective. Measured from 10cm away, the increase is minimal in summer. Heat pressure rises within the tube and can escape through the gap between the dome and the roof adapter. There is no heat gain for cold rooms as the unit is closed at top and bottom. The infrared component of sunlight is what we feel as warmth, but this is dispersed by our special grain-frosted diffuser.
What is a diffuser and how does it work?

It is the natural ‘light fitting’ below the ceiling line (held by a polycarbonate ring ), which is also called a lens due to its curvature. The harsh sunrays bouncing down the Mirrortube® are broken up (dispersed) horizontally within this lens into thousands of radiant mini lights, which in effect disperses the incoming day light below. We do not use a prismatic material pattern which cast unsightly light patterns on the floor and walls, so the light is evenly spread.

Can I buy this system as DIY Kit?
After operating this business since 1994, experience has shown that DIY installations are not the best idea, as you get no guarantee, require more advice and we don’t know your measurements.
Are these skylights prone to leaks?
The fear of leaking skylights stems from units that were installed around 30 years ago that did not utilise today’s technology and started cracking after a mere ten years. The skylight industry’s ‘permitted leakage’ rating is 1,5% and ours is well below that. Your skylight should be leak-free unless somebody goes onto the roof and damages the bond of the adapter by stepping near or onto it.
Could a leak cause damage?
Hardly ever, at worst it’s a few drops which cause no further damage. We would attend to your concern within 24 hours or make other arrangements with you.
Does the skylight need maintenance?
Our system is designed to be maintenance-free. We don’t use metal parts such as galvanized sheets on the roof or powder coated metal ceiling fittings. No wind howling, condensed water or dust is allowed. It is easy to clean the diffuser yourself – simply twist off, wipe dry and twist back on!

Get free light with a bit of sun inside

Who We Are

We were the 1st Business  to install Tubular Skylights in Cape Town when we started the company in 1994 and we still offer the Best Price / Quality Ratio in the Cape.

German Technology

We are the only manufacturer in Cape Town using Mirrortube® Solar Lights German Technology and our own locally injection moulded Ceiling Fittings

No Leaks or Rust

23 Years experience and we only install our own superior fibreglass adapters designed for aesthetic appeal to prevent roof leaks and rust on your roof.


Deon van Zyl

My wife and I wish to state , how happy we are with the professional installation , service and the amazing difference the product has made in the rooms. We will definitely recommend you to others as well.

Kind Regards
Deon van Zyl

Aldo Cilliers

Right from the first moment I phoned their company I was impressed with the professional way I was treated as a customer on the phone by Trevor who received my call.

The appointment was set for Monday morning at 08:00. At exactly 08:00 their van stopped in front of my home. The two young gentlemen that got out was polite and without any waste of time immediately started with their job. All the questions that I asked were answered professionally and politely.  I could see that they knew exactly what they were doing, and in a very short time both skylights were fitted and I was amazed at the precision with which they did the task, and even more impressed with the absolute massive difference that these skylights brought to my home.

This is a company and a product that I can recommend to anyone who has a room where natural light is not a given. I can also highly recommend the personnel of Lighthouse Skylights for quick, efficient and brilliant service. Their team of installers are very skilled and well trained. They even cleaned up after themselves and left me with only amazement of a job well done.

Feel free to call them for quick and professional service.

Sadick R. Pinelands

Lighthouse Skylights did a really good job.  Not only was their service good, but the skylight makes a huge  difference in the bathroom and I am very satisfied with the product.

L.W. Van Riebeeckshof

” Your guys did a great job today…efficient, friendly. We are thrilled with the skylight and are both glad that we followed your advice and put it in the kitchen. Haven’t needed to turn on the lights the whole day! Many many thanks indeed.”

C.A. Pinelands

“Your installers were quick and efficient.”